Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Style necklace

I've been testing some beads and am glad to be able to announce that I can take my 'Amena'-necklace to a new level.

My American friend Tamara thought me one day on Murano how to make a Boro-Flower, making all different petals, and assembling them together to make a nice flower.
I liked the effect, although that Boro is not my favorite glass, I learned that no matter how beautiful the flower was, it was weak and therefor not perfect to wear.

That's how I started my adventure of the Amena-Series.
I have this necklace in my collection for more than 3-years now.
A necklace that never bores.

These are the Amena-beads

And this is the purple version of Amena.

I was looking at a boat the other day here in one of the beautiful Canals and was drawn to the propeller of a boat.
With that idea in mind, my Ariela-Series was born.

These are the Ariela-Beads

And this is 'Ariela'

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